Baratang Island is the Andamans’ best kept secret

The Andamans sets a dreamy picture for the intrepid traveller looking to get away from the city’s hubbub. The island is a part of India and yet so aloof. And the beaches here can give South Europe a run for its money. The capital of Port Blair is the gateway to the Andamans and its many beautiful islands like Havelock, Ross and Neil Islands. But one would be wrong to say that the Andamans is…

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Daman Travel Guide for a Weekender

Jhampore beach Daman

Daman is one of the smallest union territories in India, sandwiched between Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is a great getaway for weekenders with alluring places to explore. Of course, cheap alcohol is a bonus! Daman has a history that dates centuries old and a Portuguese influence which is hard to ignore. Portuguese ruled Daman along with Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Goa for over 400 years. The 4 territories were ceded by Portuguese in…

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Add Silvassa to your list of weekend getaways

After returning from Udaipur, there was going to be no big trip for a while. But my feet were itching to travel. So I decided to do a short road trip to Silvassa. Silvassa gets its name from the Portuguese word ‘Silva’ meaning wood. The city is the capital of Union Territory – Dadra and Nagar Haveli, sandwiched between Maharashtra and Gujarat, with Daman (another Union Territory) 30 km away. Silvassa has picked up popularity…

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