Whoa! Delhi has a Sulabh International Toilet Museum

I find thematic museums very interesting. So when I first read about the Delhi’s Sulabh Toilet Museum in the TIME magazine, I kept this place at the back of my mind to visit when I’m in Delhi next. This rather unique toilet museum has featured as the third weirdest museum in the world and that was reason enough for a visit! Visiting Delhi’s Toilet Museum I was backpacking in Himachal Pradesh for eight days when I…

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Delhi diaries: Majnu ka Tilla guide

majnu ka tilla travel guide - tibetan food

Like most big cities around the world, Delhi is a potpourri of people and cultures. Millions find their way into the city to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Among them is a refugee community with a dream of a different kind…to go back to Tibet once their country is free. Until then, they live in a tiny neighbourhood in North Delhi called Majnu ka Tilla. When a 15th century Sufi saint attained enlightenment after meeting…

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