Delhi diaries: Majnu ka Tilla guide

majnu ka tilla travel guide - tibetan food

Like most big cities around the world, Delhi is a potpourri of people and cultures. Millions find their way into the city to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Among them is a refugee community with a dream of a different kind…to go back to Tibet once their country is free. Until then, they live in a tiny neighbourhood in North Delhi called Majnu ka Tilla. When a 15th century Sufi saint attained enlightenment after meeting…

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A museum for toilets in Delhi

I find thematic museums very interesting. You’ll often find me giving such museums priority over a generic city museum. Like the time I visited the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa – a first in Asia and among the only 7 aviation museums in the world; or a museum dedicated to a Sindhi saint in Pune; or the wax museum in Lonavla with a Jackie Shroff statue; or the cricket museum in the suburbs of Mumbai,…

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