Bohri Mohalla food trail – The best places to eat

As a foodie, every year I look forward to Ramadan. Closer to where I live in Mumbai, there is a huge Muslim community so the streets and by-lanes turn into an Iftari food fest with the aromas of fried malpuas, mawa jalebis, fresh fruits and dates, chicken shawarmas, satay, mutton cutlets and what not. Four years after my last visit to Mohammad Ali road to explore the food scene in the Minara Masjid area, I…

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Matinees at Matterden

Matterden - Deepak Talkies - Mumbai

I’ve just returned after watching the 1975 classic – One flew over the cuckoo’s nest on a 70mm screen. Matterden Carnival Cinemas (also Deepak Talkies), a single screen theatre in Mumbai’s Parel area is a place of gathering for movie buffs. Every Sunday they play a vintage film at a matinee show time. These are classics from around the world. Think Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Roshomon, Roman Holiday, Annie Hall, Citizen Kane, Pather…

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Restaurant Review: Five Fat Monks, Bandra

Prawn-Chicken-Lamb Holy Trinity at Five Fat monks

It was Ganesh Chaturthi and a perfect evening to dine out in Bandra since most restaurants would be empty. Hindus would never leave dear Lord Ganesh at home and come out for an outing or casual grub. So, not only was I left with an array of restaurants to choose from, but also assured of needed quiet time. One of my favorite haunts – Burgs shut down on Waterfield road in Bandra. In place were…

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Restaurant Review: Imbiss, Bandra – Meat Lover’s Paradise

My aversion to crowded places often lets me skip popular restaurants. But Imbiss seems to be an exception. There’s something about the place that lends a cozy feel. May be it’s the petite size that eliminates the prim and proper fine dine restaurant characteristic. The joint is a size that of a general store with a tiny upper level. Some tables are laid outside the restaurant to accommodate crowd (which of course is on the…

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