Bohri Mohalla food trail – The best places to eat

As a foodie, every year I look forward to Ramadan. Closer to where I live in Mumbai, there is a huge Muslim community so the streets and by-lanes turn into an Iftari food fest with the aromas of fried malpuas, mawa jalebis, fresh fruits and dates, chicken shawarmas, satay, mutton cutlets and what not. Four years after my last visit to Mohammad Ali road to explore the food scene in the Minara Masjid area, I…

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Matinees at Matterden

Matterden - Deepak Talkies - Mumbai

I’ve just returned after watching the 1975 classic – One flew over the cuckoo’s nest on a 70mm screen. Matterden Carnival Cinemas (also Deepak Talkies), a single screen theatre in Mumbai’s Parel area is a place of gathering for movie buffs. Every Sunday they play a vintage film at a matinee show time. These are classics from around the world. Think Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Roshomon, Roman Holiday, Annie Hall, Citizen Kane, Pather…

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An April of Arts

nouveau art play reading group - mumbai arts theatre

I haven’t travelled to any place new in April 2016. It has been a conscious decision to slow down. One could say that I am taking a break! So what did I do the whole of last month then? Well, I watched movies in the theatre every weekend, including watching FAN twice 😛 , attended a popular Television Awards Night and explored the arts and theatre scene in Mumbai. From a stage musical on Jazz…

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In search of the Nagla Bunder Fort, Thane and an unexpected discovery

It was a while since I rode the bike so I did a short road trip to Ghodbunder last week. We were supposed to end the trip at Hotel Fountain at the Thane-Ghodbunder junction after treating ourselves to Kheema Pao and Chai. But we changed our minds after I saw a board that read Gaimukh 05km. I had read about the Gaimukh Fort and the Nagla Bunder Fort on this very informative blog and I thought…

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Exploring Street Food at Mohammad Ali Road During Ramadan

Mohammad Ali Road During Ramadan

[Last updated: 11 May 2019] Boliye madam, kya lao? Bheja Fry, Bheja Masala, Gurda Masala, Kheeri Kalegi? I found myself at what is called a non-vegetarian’s paradise, aka, Mohammad Ali Road during the holy month of Ramzan. I was here to explore the much talked about food scene. It was a given that I would visit this place someday, since I’m a hard core non-vegetarian. So one weekend while the rest of Mumbai was preparing to call…

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7 Budget Restaurants in Andheri East for Corporate Lunch

So you work in Andheri East? You are here on a sales call? You have a meeting in this area? If an answer to any of these is a Yes, this article is a handy one for you. I might have mentioned earlier on that I’m a corporate slave. I’ve been slaving it at Andheri East for over 3 years now. While corporate lunches are a norm, splurging on corporate meals I find unreasonable. Fortunately, I…

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History connects itself at Vajreshwari Temple

I visited Vajreshwari temple a couple of days back and was surprised to learn that the temple shares its history with Bassein Fort, a structure I visited earlier this year. Located on a hillock on the outskirts of Vasai, Vajreshwari Temple is dedicated to Goddess Vajreshwari – An incarnation of Goddess Parvati. Vajreshwari Temple on a bright sunny day It is believed, Maratha ruler – Chimaji Appa ordered construction of Vajreshwari temple as a promise on conquering…

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Chinese Opera ‘The Peony Pavilion’ comes to India

The Peony Pavilion

India will get a taste of Chinese art and culture when Kunqu Opera ‘The Peony Pavilion’ comes to India for the first time ever on 9th December 2014. Event is an initiative by Bravia Sadir, an NGO from Goa, headed by Swati Bhise. A cultural ambassador and an acclaimed Bharatnatyam dancer herself, Swati Bhise has been working to support art and culture education among youth in India and abroad since 28 years. Kunku is one…

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The XVII Tea Room Bandra – Have Chai in Style

I’ve decided to jot down my experiences at restaurants after having visited the place on at least two occasions. This way I can gauge consistency and get an opportunity to try a wide range of items on the menu, before I form an opinion about the place. I implemented this idea for The XVII Tea Room Bandra, having visited them over 2 consecutive days. First things first, I’m not a coffee drinker and café shops…

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Between Breads, Bandra: Bacon and Archie Comics is Quite a Combination

Note: This Review is skewed towards Bacon! Almost all dishes (except the vegetarian ones) at Between Breads Bandra have Bacon. This is a sign to Rejoice! Diagonally opposite Hawaiian Shack, Between Breads is a quaint little burger joint that can fit barely 15 customers at a single time. But they try to make up for the space with the food. They serve Americanized burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. Honestly, I have been scouting for the perfect…

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The Last Bungalow of Seven Bungalows Survives

Ever wondered why Seven Bungalows is called Seven Bungalows? How did it get its name? Here is some interesting trivia about Seven Bungalows. During early British era, this area was a marshland. Nothing but seven bungalows stood here in the midst of mangroves and coconut palms, while the Arabian Sea lay adjacent. Most of these bungalows were owned by affluent Parsis; one even owned by Dadabhai Naoroji – Founder of the Indian National Congress. Dadabhai…

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Aarey Milk Colony, Mumbai – Green Oasis and a Dying Milk Factory

Acres of lush greenery have been the rarest of rare sights in Mumbai. One such patch called the Aarey Milk Colony spreads over 4000 acres in Goregaon – a Mumbai suburb. Established in 1949, Aarey Milk Colony was built to house the government owned Aarey milk plant. It was inaugurated by India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Over years, Aarey colony developed to accommodate lush gardens, a Tree nursery and an observation pavilion. Another of…

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Top 5 Things To Do In Navi Mumbai

India's Tallest Indian Flag - Things to do in Navi Mumbai

Officially planned city of Navi Mumbai is often seen as a residential surrounding. The township accommodates lakhs of people, some of whom, on a daily basis commute to commercially vibrant Mumbai. Residential towers are increasingly being built here, malls are not uncommon and elite restaurants have sprung up in every other lane. Navi Mumbai does give a feeling that you are in some place away from Mumbai’s maddening crowd. BUT, it still remains a city…

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Restaurant Review: Five Fat Monks, Bandra

Prawn-Chicken-Lamb Holy Trinity at Five Fat monks

It was Ganesh Chaturthi and a perfect evening to dine out in Bandra since most restaurants would be empty. Hindus would never leave dear Lord Ganesh at home and come out for an outing or casual grub. So, not only was I left with an array of restaurants to choose from, but also assured of needed quiet time. One of my favorite haunts – Burgs shut down on Waterfield road in Bandra. In place were…

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