What is maven? and Why wannabe?

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I picked the term maven from Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping point’. Gladwell and an online encyclopedia explain – Maven is Yiddish for an expert who loves sharing his accumulated knowledge.

About Edwina D'souza - WannabemavenAround the time I was reading The Tipping Point, I was registering for a blog with WordPress. The word maven stuck in my memory. But I knew I wasn’t a maven, so I decided to add wannabe and call my blog ‘Wannabemaven’. The initial motive behind such a name was meant to be comic, more like taking a dig at myself. I soon realized its underlying meaning that no one can be a maven since knowledge is infinite and learning is a never-ending process.

A bit about myself….
I identify as an introvert. I read, write, watch. I like it recluse. Have two left hands and feet. And occasionally, I suffer from wanderlust syndrome. I love sharing experiences, but lack the social skills to communicate them orally; which is why I am here.

While I use this space to write about my experiences first-hand; my social media pages share my blog posts and additionally some pics I click but may not write about. I also use those platforms to share historic, weird, funny, shocking and/or random interesting facts from around the world. It could be any and everything which I may have read but not necessarily experienced (told you, I was a wannabemaven!). Check them out for my sake…… 🙂

Twitter: @wannabemaven
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wannabemaven
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wannabemaven

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And while you are here, I hope you enjoy reading all my posts.

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