Guide to Dudhsagar waterfall

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Guide to Dudhsagar waterfallGoa is a haven for beach lovers. But there are many other places to visit in Goa that make for a great day trip. Now, how about a little effort to behold the cascading beauty of a gushing waterfall? The Dudhsagar waterfall is an absolute delight, and you simply cannot afford to miss it!

Located about 60 kilometres from Panaji and 80 kilometres to the south of Belagavi, between the states of Goa and Karnataka is the Dudhsagar waterfall. At the height of 320 metres, the waterfall appears milky white, gushing down the Western Ghats and so very aptly named Dudhsagar or ‘Sea of Milk’. A trip to Dudhsagar waterfall is perfect for avid trekkers and nature lovers.

Guide to Dudhsagar waterfall

Jeep ride to Dudhsagar waterfall

Guide to Dudhsagar waterfallThe approach to Dudhsagar waterfall is not straightforward; there are two parts to it. From your hotel, head to the Mollem jeep stand. From there, take a jeep ride, which costs about INR 500 – 800. The service, offered by Goa tourism authorities, can accommodate a maximum of seven people in each jeep. The ride is bumpy and not for the fainthearted. If you don’t like getting tossed around, it is best that you avoid this trip. Senior citizens, in particular, must exercise caution.

Trek to Dudhsagar waterfall

Guide to Dudhsagar waterfallOnce you hop off the jeep, there’s a 10-minute climb to the top. This climb is a bit steep and takes some level of skill. But once you pass the last hurdle, you will realise that the torrent of water is a splendid payoff for the effort you put in. The 4-tier waterfall is one of the most magnificent sights and has enthralled tourists not only from India but from abroad too. After the little workout you’ve had, you can refresh yourself by splashing in the crystal clear, cool water. Spend a few quiet moments on the rocks and experience the peace and joy of the leaping waters. When you have had your fill of the waterfall, you can take the same jeep back.

To complete the outing, visit the nearby plantations. You can ask your hotel concierge about Dudhsagar and nearby attractions. Sometimes there are specific tours only to the waterfall and back, and that might make one thrilling journey for the day. You could couple it with something light, such as visiting a beach or lounging around in a cafe, sip a drink, unwind and recollect the adventure for the day.

Dudhsagar waterfall closed during the monsoons

Avoid a trip to the Dudhsagar waterfall during the monsoon season. It is closed from 15 June to 30 September. Ensure kids, and senior citizens are capable enough if you want them to get a taste of this adventure. At the bottom of the falls is a little village where you can find people selling bananas and nuts, which may make for a tiny snack. Do note that there are mischievous monkeys around. It is best not to feed them unless you are willing to take them on.

Hotels near Dudhsagar waterfall

The Dudhsagar waterfall is quite famous among the places to visit in Goa, and you could opt for many hotels around. But if you are looking for a luxury resort in Goa that offers a complete experience, Club Mahindra properties like Club Mahindra Emerald Palms or Club Mahindra Varca Beach resort are great options. The rooms are large and equipped with modern facilities and creature comforts, including an in-house restaurant, to make your stay a comfortable one. You can check out Club Mahindra reviews online to learn more about these resorts, the facilities they offer and nearby attractions to make your Goa holiday more fun!


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