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[Last updated: 29 October 2017]

Dhanraj Sweets Samosa - Food in Jaisalmer

On the first day of January 2015, I set out to explore the desert city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer turned out to be just how it’s described in travel books and guides. The city is golden from sandstone structures, the culture and heritage is rich and the food is mouth wateringly delicious.

In my 4 day trip, I was in the company of some hardcore foodies. Needless to say, exploring local food in Jaisalmer was high on our list. And that we did!

Rajasthani food is typically spicy. Food in Jaisalmer is influenced by local ingredients at disposal, which means mostly vegetarian stuff. But they are not far behind in churning out delectable Rajasthani non-vegetarian fare. Since Jaisalmer is a tourist city, cuisines such as Bengali, Italian and Tibetan are available and widely popular.

Behold, Mouth watering local food in Jaisalmer coming your way…

dal bati churma - Rajasthani Food in Jaisalmer

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Dal Bhati Choorma

Hard wheat-bread balls seasoned with salt are cooked in a tandoor or firewood, and sprinkled with clarified ghee. It is accompanied by a delicious Dal of soaked lentils. For sweet, Churma is a traditional dish made from a mixture of Wheat flour, Besan (Gram flour), Sooji, Sugar, Ghee and Mixed Nuts.

A must try if you’re visiting Rajasthan and especially Jaisalmer.

Ker Sangri

A vegetable dish prepared from Ker and Sangari – desert beans and capers, locally found in the desert region of Jaisalmer. Ker is very sour and may need to be stored in salt water for 15 days to lose its sourness before consumption. Ker Sangri is slow cooked using locally available spices and chilly. It tastes great when combined with bajra roti.

Ker Sangri - Rajasthani Food in JaisalmerSource

Gatte ki Sabji

Besan or Gram flour sausage pieces are cooked in a yogurt based medium spicy gravy and served with rice or roti. It’s rich in taste and rustic in flavour!

gatte ka sabzi - Rajasthani Food in JaisalmerSource

Lal Maans and Safed Maans

Non-vegetarians skip the formality and order traditional Rajasthani Laal Maans and Safed Maans.

Laal Maans is spicy mutton gravy, cooked in yogurt and (generously added) red chilly paste. The fiery hot gravy can be had with rice or roti.

Interestingly, When we ordered laal maans, gentleman taking our order asked us if we would like it medium spicy. We told him to cook it the traditional way. To which he responded, you’ll won’t be able to eat it. We told him to bring it anyways.

Safed Maans is milder on the spice quotient. Succulent mutton pieces are cooked in a gravy of yogurt and almond and cashew paste. It is served with rice or roti. Let’s just say, Safed Maans soothes your palate from consuming fiery Laal Maans. Both dishes are an absolute must try!

Lal Maans - Rajasthani Food in Jaisalmer Safed Maans - Rajasthani Food in Jaisalmer

Laal Maans and Safed Maans for lunch at Junction Palace Restaurant

Bengali Thali

You heard it right! Jaisalmer sees a lot of Bengali tourists. In fact, one of the highest numbers of tourist in Jaisalmer is Bengalis. A decent amount of ghetto-like Bengali restaurants and lodges have stemmed to cater to this huge tourist population. Expect to have some lip smacking Bengali food like Aloo Poshto and Sweet Tomato Chutney. The Thali is simple home-style food; but the taste is so good, you won’t believe you’re sitting in Jaisalmer and eating a Bengali thali.

Bengali Thali - Food in JaisalmerBengali Thali at Hotel Akashdeep

Bhang – Drink made from Cannabis

No! I’m not telling you to go the illegal way. Handful of Bhang shops in Jaisalmer are authorized by the government. The owner proudly endorses his license to sell. Try their bhang lassi or bring home bhang cookies. There is a bhang shop near the east gate and west gate of Jaisalmer Fort. You definitely want to tick this off your list!

Bhang Shop Jaisalmer - Rajasthani Food in Jaisalmer

Makhania Lassi

Kanchan Shree Ice Cream, popular for their Makhania Lassi, has been recommended by Lonely Planet. Best eaten with a spoon, Makhania Lassi is rich and thick with a creamy texture. We tried it and found its taste similar to shrikhand. But we won’t deny the joint’s popularity that comes from its strategic location inside Jaisalmer Fort and a handy recommendation from a popular travel guide.

Makhaniya Lassi - Rajasthani Food in Jaisalmer

Pyaaz Kachori

A deep fried savory pastry stuffed with spicy onion filling, topped with some sev and accompanied by mint and tamarind chutney. Pyaaz Kachori is popular throughout Rajasthan, but a lot of tourists seem to enjoy this snack from the food carts in Jaisalmer.

pyaaz ki kachori - Rajasthani Food in JaisalmerSource

Dhanraj Ranmal Bhatia Sweets

Back at our desert camp, 40 km from Jaisalmer city, we asked the hotel reception to suggest a place to buy local sweets for folks back home. He recommended Ghotua Ladoos from Dhanraj Bhatia Sweets and said they are world famous! Ambitious claim, we thought. But Dhanraj Bhatia Sweets have been around for more than 10 generations, hence the presumptuous declaration.

Located in the bylanes near Jaisalmer Fort, you’ll have to maneuver your way skillfully tackling motorists to find this little gem. But it will all be worth the effort in the end.

Bring home their Ghotua Ladoos and Panchdhari Ladoos that are absolutely delicious. Made from desi ghee, the shop owner proudly suggests to avoid refrigeration of these sweets, as they can remain fresh under normal temperature for as long as one month. While at the shop, savour their Mirchi Bhajiya (Chilly Pakoras).

Dhanraj Bhatia Sweets Jaisalmer - Food in Jaisalmer

Alcohol to keep the spirits high

As a desert city, Jaisalmer faces extreme temperatures. Days are terribly hot & sunny and nights are rather cold. Make weather your excuse to head to the local beer and wine shops.

Child Beer and Wine shops - Food in Jaisalmer

We noticed, more than two wine shops had spelt Chilled Beer as ‘Child Beer’. And one shop spelt it as ‘Chiled beer’. Checking out these local wine shops will definitely give you a chuckle with their unintentional humor (or intentional may be, you never know!)


What’s your favourite local food in Jaisalmer? Write in the comments……


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