My Story and a Year of Travel Blogging

story wannabemaven travel blogFor a while, I’ve refrained from writing anything about myself for fear of sounding self indulgent. The world has no time to listen to personal stories of nobodies (like me). But I’ve been humbled by the response I’ve got from readers so far.

I recollect there was one reader who got in touch to ask very generic questions about me. The purpose, he said, was to identify and connect with me as an author. Seeding on that idea, it is time I share more information about myself, so readers of this blog can know me better and (perhaps) connect with me.

The time to write this cannot be any better, since on 24th November 2014, I completed a year of blogging. As we wrap 2014, here is a little glimpse into my life….

I’m Painfully Shy

Not an ideal introduction, but it’s the truth. Although, my social media updates speak otherwise. I dread social gatherings, noisy groups and parties. I don’t like celebrating birthdays (not even my own). If one had to describe me in one word, it has to be ‘Pensive’. A typical introvert, I’m the one you’ll find in the park sitting alone on a bench, people watching.

story wannabemaven travel blogIntrospecting at Bassein Fort, Vasai

I was meant to Blog

I dabbled careers from working in an E-commerce company to a Travel and Tours Enterprise, and then in an Electronics MNC. I even tried my hand at a web start up, but things didn’t work out.

story wannabemaven travel blogWhile working on a start up, I got into creative content writing. I had a whole lot of unutilized resources on my hard disk. Blogging seemed like a good option to put it across.

Although, I started a blog to showcase my unused writings, I now feel I was always meant to blog. Wannabemaven has become my voice, a medium to communicate my experiences, and a channel to express or vent out my thoughts and feelings. I am enjoying doing all of this using a virtual world platform, than expose myself to the real world.
It’s an introvert thing!

Head to my About, to know how did I come up with the name ‘Wannabemaven’.

I have a Day Job

I seek inspiration, from time to time, from a lot of travel bloggers who quit their job to travel the world (takes a lot of guts to do that). Some of the successful travel bloggers make me believe that I can freelance and there are ways to make money while traveling. But, Freelance is a long term objective. Until I’m financially stable with a good amount savings aside, I don’t see myself quitting my day job to travel. For now, I’m happy to have the best of both worlds – Work and Travel!

story wannabemaven travel blogExtended weekends involving travel is pure happiness! (Pic: exploring pristine Rajbag Beach, South Goa)

My Kinda Travel

Travel is not a party for me. It’s a very intimate experience. I enjoy getting lost among locals (in other words – strangers) in a new city or town. Sometimes, I find it comforting to speak with strangers, than with someone I may have known longer (of course, I take my precautions). Some of my most memorable moments on the road are random acts of kindness from strangers. A selfless smile lights up my day.

story wannabemaven travel blog

Fishing with locals in the backwaters of Goa. Girl on the left randomly bumped into us and was happy to teach us the ropes of fishing.

Wherever I travel, I want to come back home

I got travel from my father who worked in the aviation business. Not only did he travel across the world, but also took us on yearly family trips to foreign lands. Perhaps, that’s how we (Yes! all in my family) caught the travel bug.

I completed my Masters in London before returning to base, that is, Bombay in 2010. Living in London, I realized that although I enjoy traveling, I feel the need to come back home. I love exploring towns and cultures, and I adapt easily. I’m comfortable traveling in urban cities and/or in the remotest of places, but I must return home.
Home is my sanctuary!

story wannabemaven travel blog

getting all too pensive at a homestay in Matheran

2014 in Travel – The Year of firsts

I started 2014 with a road trip to South Gujarat. Explored the Portuguese ruled union territory of Daman, lost myself in the UNESCO heritage ruins of Champaner-Pavagad, saw royalty at the Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara and took a detour to visit the milk capital of India – Anand. I made 3 trips to Goa witnessing 3 seasons, got sun-baked in the scorching heat of New Delhi, conquered a lesser known mountain fort on the outskirts of Mumbai, did a rain-soaked trek to a no-vehicle town, experienced calm in India’s largest Buddhist prayer hall and saw bird sacrifice at an adjoining temple, had wine at a winery overlooking a sprawling vineyard and explored food and forts in and around Mumbai.

story wannabemaven travel blog - Malangadd Fortconquered Malangadd Fort in Kalyan

Surprising was the amount of events I attended this year, contrary to my aversion to crowd. Starting with the Indian Super League, Champions Tennis League, a local event – Bikers United Ride for Cause on World Disabled Day and watching the Indian debut of a Ming Dynasty legendary Chinese opera ‘The Peony Pavilion‘.

story wannabemaven travel blogwatching Indian Super League Mumbai City FC v/s Kerala Blasters at D.Y. Patil Stadium

The Internal Journey

Ever since merging my love for travel with blogging, I feel a strange sense of contentment. I’ve evolved as a person. Wannabemaven has given me exposure, a voice and an audience (thank you for that). Anxiety still kicks in when I’m in large crowds, but I’m trying to loosen up a bit and be more approachable as a person. I try to interact with people more often. And I’m starting to take networking seriously.

story wannabemaven travel blogposing at the old lighthouse in Daman

My Ultimate Travel Dream

Of course, I want to travel the length and breadth of India and the world. But I have ONE ultimate travel dream. I wish to hike along the Camino Frances (800km French way) to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Northwestern Spain, before I turn 30. There you go, I also revealed I’m under 30. 😉

story wannabemaven travel blog

Road tripping to Vajreshwari temple, Vasai

As I conclude this post, I prepare for a new adventure. I set out on the first day of January 2015 to explore the golden city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

That’s it from me in 2014, signing off with this post.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year. See you in 2015 – promising to share more travel tales 🙂


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