Between Breads, Bandra: Bacon and Archie Comics is Quite a Combination

Note: This Review is skewed towards Bacon!

between breads bandra reviewAlmost all dishes (except the vegetarian ones) at Between Breads Bandra have Bacon. This is a sign to Rejoice! Diagonally opposite Hawaiian Shack, Between Breads is a quaint little burger joint that can fit barely 15 customers at a single time. But they try to make up for the space with the food.

They serve Americanized burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. Honestly, I have been scouting for the perfect Cheeseburger in Mumbai for quite some time. I was hoping that Between Breads would end this search. Alas!

The 10 oz Bacon Cheeseburger, supposedly their signature dish, didn’t work for me. Ground beef needed a bit more seasoning. Patty was dry to the extent of falling apart. And even the BBQ sauce was inadequate. So, sadly, my search for the perfect cheeseburger in Mumbai continues…..

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich is another house recommendation with a lot of patrons. A multi grain sub with beef steak, mustard, bbq sauce, grilled onions and melted cheese. There’s a lot happening in every bite and it lacks balance of flavour. Result is an overpowering taste! Also, generously added cheese is not my thing, but that’s subjective.

Philly Cheese steak sandwich - between breads bandra reviewPhilly Cheese Steak Sandwich with generously added cheese and chips

I tried their Bacon Fries for all the hype and fanfare. Dish is a wonderful concept, but not executed as per Bacon lovers’ expectations. All you get is French fries topped with few pieces of bacon and the dish looks boring. My eyes wandered around and the Chorizo Fries at my neighboring table was delicious looking.

Bacon Fries - Between Breads bandra reviewBacon Fries

Quite a few food reviewers raved about Between Breads, but I had visited this place twice and the food hadn’t impressed me. Letting go online recommendations, on my third visit I ordered ‘The Morning After’ sandwich. Funny coz I ate that sandwich for dinner! ‘The Morning After’ sandwich blew my mind. Generous slices of bacon and ham are complemented with french fries, fried egg and grilled tomatoes, encased in a toasted garlic aioli sub. This one is a winner that keeps you coming back.

Lesson learnt: Don’t always go by recommendations. What worked for them may not necessarily work for you.

The after morning sandwich - Between Breads Bandra review‘The Morning After’ sandwich I ate for dinner!

Vegetarians can sample Jalapeno Popper, Pesto Veg sandwich with chips and French Fries BB style with grilled onions, cheese and Thousand Island dressing. Both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at Between Breads are some serious guilty indulgence. You better skip this place if you are calorie conscious. Quantity is great and it is recommended to visit this place on an empty stomach.

Ambience at Between Breads is cozy (although the bar stools can get a bit uncomfortable). By the third visit, I was feeling at home. I like how thoughtful they are of customers to place Archie comics and hand sanitizers on every table. The Archie comics, in particular, come in handy for lonely customers like me.

Archie comics - Between Breads bandra reviewArchie Comics at Between Breads

Between Breads bandra reviewHand sanitizers on every table

Gentleman at the payment counter usually doubles up as a waiter who gets the food to your table. It really is a tiny burger joint and feels crowded with even 10 customers at a single time. I generally visit this place after 9:30pm and hence don’t find a lot of crowd, which is how I like my restaurants. But note, kitchen at Between Breads closes by 10:45pm.

Between Breads bandra reviewDecor is symbolic with Burger theme.

In a Nutshell…..

I’m obviously going to recommend visiting Between Breads, but not for the burgers. Try their sandwiches while burying your head in an Archie comic. Visit during late evenings for a quieter ambience.

Next time, I wish to try their BBLT and/or Meatball Marinara, both sandwiches! Meal for two at Between Breads cost Rs. 700 incl. taxes. (I paid for the meal and the review was conducted anonymously).


Have you been to Between Breads? What did you think of this place? Write in your comments……


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