Restaurant Review: Imbiss, Bandra – Meat Lover’s Paradise

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My aversion to crowded places often lets me skip popular restaurants. But Imbiss seems to be an exception. There’s something about the place that lends a cozy feel. May be it’s the petite size that eliminates the prim and proper fine dine restaurant characteristic. The joint is a size that of a general store with a tiny upper level. Some tables are laid outside the restaurant to accommodate crowd (which of course is on the higher side due to its popularity).

Pork Chops and Baby Back Ribs getting ready for the pan - Imbiss Bandra

Pork Chops and Baby Back Ribs getting ready for the pan

Rightfully ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ – Bandra has enough to satiate the appetite of a food lover of any type. Yet standing tall among a bunch of already established eateries – legendary, speciality and quirky alike, Imbiss is one of a kind.

In an intelligent niche move, Imbiss sticks to offering non-vegetarian European cuisine particularly German. On the menu are Sausages such as Bratwurst, Beef, Pork, Chicken and even Rabbit. The owners clearly have no qualms of losing out on vegetarian customers. Garlic Bread and Eggplant Schnitzel are the only two vegetarian dishes it serves. Unfair I’d say; but on second thoughts, good to see a hard core non-vegetarian restaurant in Mumbai.

Their menu is not an elaborate one but their preparations more than make up for it. The Hungarian Goulash is a good soup starter, more like a version of soupy beef stew. I’ve had 2 out of the three sandwiches they offer. Bavarian ham and cheese is a good filling. A bit on the richer side but definitely worth a try! Their Beef Roast sandwich is a safe bet when you don’t feel like experimenting.

From the traditional sausage menu, Duck sausage with slaw and mustard is let down by other popular sausage dishes it offers. I’ve heard a few speak well about their grilled lamb and mint sausage that comes with mashed potatoes and mint jous.

Smoked Pork with Fat and Rind is a house special. It is mildly spiced and served with mash, buttered vegetables and brown sauce – ultimately giving it a nice creamy texture. Beef Roast is a non-experimental classic that comes with 2 pao (bread). The Danish pork chop with mushroom sauce sounds nicer than it tastes. Pork Schnitzel is another Imbiss classic. The crisp crumb coating is as much as is needed and the meat is cooked to perfection.

Chorizo Rice with Fried Duck Egg Sunny Side up - Imbiss Bandra

Chorizo Rice with Fried Duck Egg Sunny Side up

Chorizo rice with fried duck egg is the only rice variant on the menu. It does not disappoint and could very well be among the best dishes it has to offer. Goa sausage pieces are thrown into medium spiced rice and garnished with a fried duck egg sunny side up. Pleasing to the eye when placed on the table and delicious when you dig into it!

Another highly recommended dish is the Baby back ribs. Tenderly cooked, the meat comes off the bone without an effort. The quantity is great and although it says it can serve two, it is capable of feeding 3 hungry average eaters.

Their signature Sausage Platter is popular but I’m not a fan of it. Perhaps, because, as a Goan and a hard core non-vegetarian, sausages and the likes are not new to us. Cold cuts are our finger food savior. Go ask a Goan!!

Outside the menu, they serve Imbiss specials every day. The fried chicken on this list is pretty good. Meat is fried southern style and almost looks like a KFC substitute. But bite into it, and it has a taste of its own. Pepper seems to be the primary spice and the sprinkle is generous.

The staff is friendly and their proactive conversation skills trap you into getting yourself a beverage while your food gets to the table. They do not serve alcohol, but Bavaria (non-alcoholic beer) is on the menu. Might I say, this non-alcoholic substitute is the closest you can get to a beer.

And Yes! Grab a table inside the restaurant and get to watch the kitchen bustling with staff, hear the sound of noisy woks and crackles of fried meat and smell the aromas lingering in the air. That’s complimentary!

Some More Information:
Closer to home, this review was written for Imbiss in Bandra.

Been here: 6 times and counting

Budget: Reasonable. Cheaper than a lot of swanky restaurants out there.

Want to Try: Their Rabbit Terrine

Address: 14, Ben O Lil Haven, Waroda Road, Off Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Note: They are closed on Mondays  


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