The Goan Odyssey – 5 Things to do in Goa

Most tourists have heard of Goa as a popular Indian holiday destination. Goa sees millions of tourists each year and the numbers are only increasing. What is it that brings travelers to this tiny state? Many would echo Beaches. And quite rightly, Goa has beaches beyond one’s counting skills. But, would it be right in saying that beaches are its sole crowd-puller? Of course not. There has to be something more to Goa than just sun, sea and sands?

So, here is my list of top things to do in Goa. If you are visiting Goa soon, make sure you have ticked maximum (if not all) options from this list.

  1. Rent a bike in Goa

Without a vehicle in Goa, you are presumably a vegetable. State transport of Goa is intermittently networked. But most travelers don’t complain, as this to an extent has helped Goa retain its village like feel. Neither does this hamper travelers from touring Goa as hiring a vehicle is not complicated. Many locals (for some this is a business) let their vehicles to tourists. Gear-less kinetic, Motor bikes and even Jeeps are rented for days, sometimes weeks and months.

Two wheelers are preferred to zip around narrow lanes in Goa. It is said, you don’t get the feel of Goa unless you are exploring the state on a bike.

  1. Stay in a Shack in Goa

Nothing can beat the feeling of having a house to yourself in a new city altogether. Rented shacks catered only to foreigners initially but today even Indian travelers are following suit. These shacks come with amenities like attached bathrooms and, in some cases, an attached kitchen as well. Widespread accessibility of these shacks makes the deal far cheaper than plush hotels. Even locals in Goa give their houses on rent.

Note: Goa is crowded between October and March (and in May during summer vacations), so it is difficult to rent a shack/budget home. Many foreigners book bungalows for the following year while still in Goa.
Advice: Book well in advance during season.

Shacks at Palolem beach

  1. Exlore food scene in Goa, even better cook your own meal

Most rented houses come with kitchens, if not, you could request for one. Rarely will you get bored with experimenting with Goan cuisine. With the influx of tourists from across the world, many restaurants cater to international cuisines as well. And if ever you are fed up of eating outside or are simply on a shoe string budget, how about cooking your own meal?

Head to the vibrant markets in Goa, buy fresh catch and cook your own meal. This will give you a feel of living life like a local, save you some cash and you might just learn to respect food 🙂

  1. Get High

Alcohol in Goa is among the cheapest in India and also freely available, from choicest wines to beers, toddy and Goa’s special local drink – Feni.

The laid back life almost tempts you into sipping Goa’s spirits. On a hot sunny afternoon, a chilled mug of beer works to quench your thirst (as long as you drink responsibly).

  1. Dress Down

Shorts, singlets, jerseys, sun glasses, caps and chappals are trendy. Flaunt your tattoo or your newly purchased Jhola (bag). No one really bothers if your T-shirt is over-sized, if red and yellow is loud or if purple and orange don’t go along. Goa is full of tourists and even if you are a fashion disaster, it gets camouflaged in the potpourri of culture and trend.

Hope this post helps you make the most of your next Goan trip. Have fun……. Cheers!


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