Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Kanheri Caves – Among Asia’s most visited parks

[Last updated: 27 April 2017]

Sanjay Gandhi National Park or Borivali National Park is among the most visited parks in Asia. It is said to gather nearly 2 million visitors annually. Of course, this could be attributed to the huge population of Mumbai city alone. Nevertheless, if you claim to be a Mumbaikar or are visiting Mumbai, this place should be ticked off your list.

Inside Sanjay Gandhi National park

Inside Borivali National Park

Borivali National park has the distinction of being a 104 national park located within Mumbai city limits. It was originally called ‘Krishnagiri National Park’ and after its expansion it got named ‘Borivali National Park’. In 1981, it was re-christened to ‘Sanjay Gandhi National park’.

Inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Entry charge to Borivali National park is Rs. 30 for adults, lesser for kids. Traveling to several places of interest within the park can be done either walking or by hiring a cycle. Park also has buses running from time to time; and you can even bring your own 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler inside for an extra charge.

There is a Tiger/Lion safari and a Mini Train ride, the latter covers a 30-40 minute circuit of the park. Both attractions have an additional charge and are not covered under your ticket. These rides are fairly okay with the only problem being that they won’t move until they have a set number of passengers each time. Boating lake is another decent attraction inside the park.

Mini train ride (Van Rani) - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Mini train ride (Van Rani)

Monkeys near Kanehri caves - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Monkeys near Kanheri caves

Hundreds of Monkeys roam freely inside Borivali National park. We were also fortunate to see spotted deers in the forest while on our way to Kanheri caves.

Kanehri caves entrance - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Caves is a major attraction inside Sanjay Gandhi National park located, 7 km further down. These Buddhist caves date 4th century BC and have been very well maintained. The caves look spectacular, although as visitors, we were hungry for more information about the history of Kanheri Caves. There was very little information available at the entrance to Kanheri, and once at the site, caves are merely numbered. Lack of information makes the viewing monotonous. Yet, one cannot take away the fact that these caves are beautiful and picturesque. Sculpted over a cliff, these rock cut caves are an assured breathtaking view during monsoons along with waterfalls and the expanse of the forest.

Kanehri Caves - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Kanehri Caves

Buddhist carving - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Buddhist carving

Kanehri Caves - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Kanehri caves - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Kanehri Caves - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Caves are numbered - Sanjay Gandhi National park

Caves are numbered

Kanehri caves - Sanjay Gandhi National park

An interesting sight is the facility to hire cycles to explore Sanjay Gandhi National Park; available just near the entrance. They charge Rs 60 for two hours along with a deposit of Rs 300 (refundable) and an ID proof. So, when u plan to visit the park the next time, check with their officials about this option. It’s a great way to explore the park keeping the environment in mind. (Note: During weekends, due to increased number of visitors, a typical 30 to 45 minute waiting is expected for a rented cycle).

While we brought our own vehicles inside the park, we also hired a bicycle to ride to Kanheri Caves, which was a good test of stamina. As a non-cyclist, the exercise took a toll on me and I had to barter my cycle with a motor vehicle that belonged to a friend of mine; which actually turned out to be a good deal as I got to lay my hands on this……..

Wannabemaven - Sanjay Gandhi National park

On the way to Kanehri Caves

Lack of food joints:

Borivali National park lacks adequate food joints so bring your own food along, unless you are okay with chips, spiced cucumber, guava and tea. Also carry bottled water as their freely available drinking water was not upto drinkable standards.

A family having picnic at Sanjay Gandhi National park

A family having picnic at Borivali National Park

Inside Sanjay Gandhi National park

In a Nutshell…

Borivali National Park is a very good picnic spot within city limits for friends and family; and a sanctuary for nature lovers.


During weekends, the park is flocked by tourists, so it is safe if you chose to cover the 7 km journey to Kanheri Caves walking. However, during weekdays, try to avoid walking alone or choose to do it with a group of friends. Females, especially, should stay away from walking to Kanheri Caves alone as the roads are secluded, especially during weekdays.

Locate it:

A landmark in itself, Borivali National Park is located just off the Western Express highway in Borivali (East), Mumbai. It can be easily reached via bus, train (western railway line), taxi or rickshaw.

(Note: Ticket prices were correct at the time of writing this blog. It is advised to check their official website or contact their office for updated information about prices)


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  1. Hi, I’m not in the best shape…but I really want to go to these caves. Is there a way to reach to the start of the first cave without the 7km walk? Around how many approximate kilometres do the caves stretch from Cave number 1 to the last cave? Is it quite a climb? Please let me know. Planning for this Sunday. 🙂 Thanks a ton!

    • Hi Akansha, you need not walk all the way to the caves. If you have a private vehicle, you can get it inside the park and drive down to the caves. Alternatively, there are buses inside that park that can reach you there. Or you can also hire cycles. Exploring all the caves at Kanheri is not hectic too. One can leisurely take a walk around the caves. Just carry water to stay hydrated during afternoons.

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