Vardhman Fantasy Presents “The Wonders of the World”

Located in Mira Road (East) – Mumbai, Vardhman Fantasy is a theme park mainly targeted at kids and youth. It boasts of a boating lake, a Spanish food court, Vie club and a games section called Viva Las Vegas. It has a Colo Theatrum (Amphitheater) where often shows are performed. The space is also available on rent for events and weddings.

The most striking feature of Vardhman Fantasy are some of the iconic structures from around the world brought together under this theme park. You will see replicas of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Christ the Redeemer, Great Wall of China, Colosseum and Chichen Itza. Along with the structures, bits of trivia is provided about the course of building these world monuments during their time.

Replica of the Colosseum - Vardhman Fantasy

Replica of the Colosseum

Statue of Liberty replica - Vardhman Fantasy

Statue of Liberty replica

Replica of Eiffel Tower - Vardhman Fantasy

Replica of Eiffel Tower

Vardhman Fantasy is not without its share of flaws. Firstly, the place gets lively only in the evenings or around festival period. During day, the only living beings your likely to find are college students apparently bunking class, the park staff and some meandering dogs. Since it is an open theme park, the heat during the day is almost unbearable. This even makes boating impossible in the scorching heat. You may find some shade in the food court; and frankly that’s the only good thing about the food court. Although they serve cuisines from Chinese to Dosa and also Pastas, the food here is strictly average. In fact, the entire menu is purely vegetarian leaving no options for non-vegetarian visitors.

Food court empty during day - Vardhman Fantasy

Food court empty during day

Some rides inside Vardhman Fantasy

Some rides inside the park

Entry ticket to Vardhman Fantasy is as low as Rs. 2 throughout the day, 7 days a week. You pay additional for food or any rides you take inside the park. The place is well connected with the Mira Road train station from where you can easily take a rickshaw or bus to Vardhman Fantasy. If you decide to bring your own vehicle (convenient since no interchanging of vehicles) be prepared to pay Rs. 30 one way at the toll since Mira Road comes in Thane district. Parking is available but with charge.

Taj mahal replica with under construction building in the background - Vardhman Fantasy

Taj mahal replica and an under construction building in the background

In a Nutshell

This one is strictly for kids and locals. Its only highlight is the sight of the many wonders of the world brought together under a piece of land. Instead, drive a few kilometers further down and you could have twice as much fun at Essel World or Water Kingdom or both. Or how about some meditation at the Global Vipassana Pagoda.

Update: As of 2015,  there is an additional charge of Rs. 100 to see the replicas of the world monuments inside Vardhman Fantasy theme park.


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