New Delhi: A museum for… Toilets!

I find thematic museums very interesting. You’ll often find me giving such museums priority over a generic city museum. Like the time I visited the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa – a first in Asia and among the only 7 aviation museums in the world; or a museum dedicated to…

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Dev Deepavali in Varanasi: Watching the festival of lights in the city of lights

Dev Deepavli Varanasi UP

A friend once told me, “Banaras ek ehsaas hai”. I’m going to agree with him there. I was in Jaunpur in November 2016 to attend a friend’s wedding. As a side trip, I visited Varanasi (or Banaras) over a day since it was just 60km away. The trip absolutely did…

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A backpacker’s guide to the Parvati Valley

I had read enough stories about backpacking in Himachal Pradesh. More than half of them endorsed the Himalayas, the weed, the solitude and how people ended up finding themselves in the mountains. The idea of backpacking in Himachal was sold to me. So when a friend suggested that we backpack in the…

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A fleeting conversation in Kalga, Himachal Pradesh

I was reading Mark Tully’s No Full Stops in India on an evening in Kalga village while bacpacking in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh for 8 days. The weather was pleasant and the fresh mountain air was intoxicating. I sat on an old wooden bench with a table outside…

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Three ‘monument’al moments in Agra

places to visit in agra

Somewhere in the Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, I was sitting outside my tent and chatting with fellow campers about our travel experiences in India. We mutually agreed that Agra left us spellbound and went on to discuss our experience in this city at length. Agra, the capital of the…

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