7 Budget Restaurants in Andheri East for Corporate Lunch

So you work in Andheri East? You are here on a sales call? You have a meeting in this area? If an answer to any of these is a Yes, this article is a handy one for you. I might have mentioned earlier on that I’m a corporate slave. I’ve been…

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Everything you need to know about Exploring Aurangabad in 3 Days

It was a long weekend when Holi coincided on a Friday. I quickly planned a trip to Aurangabad. Three days is all I had and it was sufficient time to explore Aurangabad (strictly from a corporate slave perspective). Aurangabad is great for history lovers. There are caves, forts, Mughal architecture…

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9 Reasons Why You Must Visit Goa Carnival

Have you ever visited Goa during Carnival? Trust me! There’s no other place you’d rather be. The annual 4 day Goa carnival is organized in the first quarter of the year and it is one of the most exciting times to be in Goa. Larger than life floats, colorful costumes,…

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Sula Vineyards Tour – Day Trip from Mumbai

I’ve been planning a trip to Sula Vineyards since time immemorial. Sula Vineyards is quite versatile a location – Perfect for wine lovers, great for offbeat travel and apt as a weekend getaway. You must know, Nashik is the wine capital of India and Sula Vineyards has had an important…

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What to do in Ahmedabad in a few hours?

Ahmedabad landscape has changed over years with investor friendly policies and solid infrastructure development. Business travelers will, most definitely, find their way into Ahmedabad. But the city is also an excellent base for tourists. Anyone visiting Thol Bird Sanctuary, Nal Sarovar Sanctuary, Anand, Patan and even Bhuj can easily keep…

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My Story and a Year of Travel Blogging

For a while, I’ve refrained from writing anything about myself for fear of sounding self indulgent. The world has no time to listen to personal stories of nobodies (like me). But I’ve been humbled by the response I’ve got from readers so far. I recollect there was one reader who…

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History connects itself at Vajreshwari Temple

I visited Vajreshwari temple a couple of days back and was surprised to learn that the temple shares its history with Bassein Fort, a structure I visited earlier this year. Located on a hillock on the outskirts of Vasai, Vajreshwari Temple is dedicated to Goddess Vajreshwari – An incarnation of Goddess…

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Chinese Opera ‘The Peony Pavilion’ comes to India

The Peony Pavilion

India will get a taste of Chinese art and culture when Kunqu Opera ‘The Peony Pavilion’ comes to India for the first time ever on 9th December 2014. Event is an initiative by Bravia Sadir, an NGO from Goa, headed by Swati Bhise. A cultural ambassador and an acclaimed Bharatnatyam…

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The XVII Tea Room Bandra – Have Chai in Style

I’ve decided to jot down my experiences at restaurants after having visited the place on at least two occasions. This way I can gauge consistency and get an opportunity to try a wide range of items on the menu, before I form an opinion about the place. I implemented this…

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Between Breads, Bandra: Bacon and Archie Comics is Quite a Combination

Note: This Review is skewed towards Bacon! Almost all dishes (except the vegetarian ones) at Between Breads Bandra have Bacon. This is a sign to Rejoice! Diagonally opposite Hawaiian Shack, Between Breads is a quaint little burger joint that can fit barely 15 customers at a single time. But they try…

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Palolem Beach – Lots To See In South Goa’s Most Commercial Beach

After over 10 cancelled plans, I finally made it to the Palolem Beach. Having heard so much about its powdery sand, bluish green waters, sea facing shacks and Butterfly Island, I had always wanted to visit this beach. It took me this long to make it here because I belonged…

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Photo Essay: Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Lakulisa Temple in Champaner-Pavagad Archaelogical Park - road trips from mumbai

50 km from Vadodara is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has not received its due. Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is disappointingly overshadowed by popular Hindu pilgrim site – Kalika Mata Temple. Champaner was ruled by Mahmud Begada, Sultan of Gujarat around 1484. He fondly named the city Mahmudabad and made…

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The Last Bungalow of Seven Bungalows Survives

Ever wondered why Seven Bungalows is called Seven Bungalows? How did it get its name? Here is some interesting trivia about Seven Bungalows. During early British era, this area was a marshland. Nothing but seven bungalows stood here in the midst of mangroves and coconut palms, while the Arabian Sea…

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Aarey Milk Colony, Mumbai – Green Oasis and a Dying Milk Factory

Acres of lush greenery have been the rarest of rare sights in Mumbai. One such patch called the Aarey Milk Colony spreads over 4000 acres in Goregaon – a Mumbai suburb. Established in 1949, Aarey Milk Colony was built to house the government owned Aarey milk plant. It was inaugurated by…

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Top 5 Things To Do In Navi Mumbai

India's Tallest Indian Flag - Things to do in Navi Mumbai

Officially planned city of Navi Mumbai is often seen as a residential surrounding. The township accommodates lakhs of people, some of whom, on a daily basis commute to commercially vibrant Mumbai. Residential towers are increasingly being built here, malls are not uncommon and elite restaurants have sprung up in every…

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Road Tripping in Gujarat – 3 Nights 4 cities

Road trips from Mumbai - Kabootar-Khana-in-Champaner-Pavagad-Archaelogical-park

Earlier in 2014, I received 2 invitations to travel from friends. First was a wedding in Churu, Rajasthan; Second was an invite to Daman for a friend’s family occasion. Unfortunately, I had to choose between the two. Nevertheless, I gleefully murmured – “Good start to 2014”. South Gujarat is very…

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Restaurant Review: Five Fat Monks, Bandra

Prawn-Chicken-Lamb Holy Trinity at Five Fat monks

It was Ganesh Chaturthi and a perfect evening to dine out in Bandra since most restaurants would be empty. Hindus would never leave dear Lord Ganesh at home and come out for an outing or casual grub. So, not only was I left with an array of restaurants to choose…

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Daman Travel Guide for a Weekender

Jhampore beach Daman

Daman is one of the smallest union territories in India, sandwiched between Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is a great getaway for weekenders with alluring places to explore. Of course, cheap alcohol is a bonus! Daman has a history that dates centuries old and a Portuguese influence which is hard to…

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