When Bhopal died a million deaths

Bhopal gas tragedy monument

To quote Ruskin Bond from ‘Strange men strange places’ – History is best experienced by visiting the actual place of the events and allowing one’s imagination to roam backwards and forward in time. Ever since I saw a Natgeo documentary on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy couple of years back, I …

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Camping in the Satpura tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh

Sunsets be like… “That’s it! I can’t walk anymore. I’m going to give up?” I thought several times while trekking in the Satpura Tiger Reserve. I was doing the Panchmarhi trail under the Satpura Under Canvas programme, a unique walking safari by Reni Pani Jungle Lodge. Satpura is the only …

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Luxury Hotels in Bhopal: Jehan Numa Retreat Review

I had returned from one of the toughest treks I’ve done in my life. My head was high in pride but my body was aching no end. We were sleeping in tents and trekking 12km a day until sunset in the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Our battered bodies needed some rejuvenation. …

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